Anytime is Talk time

Communication happens throughout the day, in everything that we do. Everyday activities can be used to develop language and communication skills.

There is lots of language adults can model within these activities. These routines provide lots of repetition in a natural situation, which is vital for language learning.

What daily routine activities do you have in your setting?

snack time

putting on coats to go outside


small group/keyworker time

These routines happen everyday and so because of the repetition, give lots of oppurtunites for language and communication

What do children learn from routines?

-children develop their understanding of the world around them, through participating in these routines they learn everyday skills e.g. putting on their coat, cutting up fruit during snack, eating their dinner

-children learn new words that they hear modelled during the routines – this helps them to understand the meaning of words, as they can ‘map’ the word onto the item or action

-children develop their social and communication skills by joining in with other children, taking turns during the routines and sharing and engaging in interactions e.g. starting a conversation, having a conversation, listening to other children, laughing and talking together

Why is Repetition important for language learning?

Repeating the same words and phrases each time you do an action or activity will build a child’s understanding of the words. Using the word together with the action will allow the child to ‘map’ the word onto the action or item. For example saying “ball” every time you throw a ball, the child will start to associate the ball with the word ‘ball’.

By then hearing this word repeated in other situations and with other different balls, this will develop and cement their understanding of the word. The more times the child hears the word “ball” together with the object, the clearer the meaning will become.

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