Meet the team

Helen Malique has been working in Waltham Forest since 2009. She initially worked in Children’s Centres, delivering training and working closely with Children’s Centre staff to support families and practitioners in the area. For the last year she has been working in the Preschool Team and in mainstream schools, leading on the development of the preschool service and pathway. She particularly enjoys working in early years, and working together with parents and early year’s practitioners to support children’s language and communication development.

Sian Rees has been part of the Waltham Forest Speech and Language Therapy service since 2012. She initially worked under the schools team, developing and delivering a range of training and support to mainstream schools and nurseries across the borough. Over the past year Sian has lead the speech service for children with specific speech sound dififuclties and works on the All Talk project.

helen and sian photo october 18

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