Supporting children with Speech language and Communication Needs

Some children will need more targeted support to help them develop their speech, language and communication skills. Their skills may be delayed and they may also have difficulties in other areas of their development. Being able to listen and concentrate, play and interact with others and understand language are all important skills for developing language. 

With the right support and early intervention many children will ‘catch up’. Other children with more complex speech, language and communication needs may continue to have longer term difficulties that require on going support.

If you are concerned that a children in your setting has speech, language and communication difficulties, refer them to the Speech and Language Therapy team at Wood Street Health Centre, or signpost parents to the HENRY Speech and Language Drop-In sessions at a local Children’s Centre.

Specialist Children’s Health Services Referral Form

Use the resources on this page to help you support children who are presenting with difficulties.

  • Communication Temptations. Click here
  • Developing Play. Click here
  • Developing Joint Attention. Click here
  • Scaffolding Sanguage. Click here
  • Using Visual Support. Click here
  • Encouraging Quiet Children. Click here


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