Parent and child-Book ReadingTalk2gether is a parent based home-learning programme, delivered by early year’s practitioners. It aims to support parents to identify ways to support their child’s language development through everyday routines and activities.

We know that parents play a crucial role in their child’s language development, with research identifying that the way parents speak and interact with their children has a big impact.

The aims of Talk2gether are:

  • To further develop practitioner’s understanding of early language development and the important role that parents play
  • For practitioners to develop their confidence to support parents in ways to help their child
  • For parents to feel more confident to support their child’s language development
  • For parents to spend more time engaging and sharing books with their child

Practitioners use the Talk2gether Toolkit to introduce a different activity to parents each week. There are 4 activities, each is simple and quick to do, and focuses on helping parents to support their child’s language and communication skills.

Each week practitioners meet together with the parent and discuss that week’s activity, encouraging the parents to reflect on how the activity went and the impact it had on their child.

In 2018 the team piloted the programme with 5 early years settings. Talk2gether training is now being offered to all other early years settings in the borough. Practitioners have reported increased knowledge and understanding following the training, as well has reporting more confidence in supporting parents in their settings.

Practitioners have reported:

“It has given structured activities for parents to follow. It is also very simple and easy to understand. It gave practitioners the opportunity to start a dialogue about their child’s speech”.

“it has made relationships with our parents stronger”

“I like that it encourages parents to talk more with their children”

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