Working with 2 year olds

Between the ages of 2-3 years children’s language and communication skills make huge developments.

By 2 years children should have a vocabulary of approximately 50+ words, and by 3 years children will be using approx. 300+ words. By 2 and a half you might also notice that children are putting words together and using short phrases – “where daddy gone?”, “apple all gone”, “me got train”. By the age of 3 years children are using short sentences and can engage in simple conversations with others.

At this age child are keen to explore their environments, and will pick up words that they hear around then in everyday routines. 

Everyday routines and activities are often a big interest for children at this age, and it is important to make sure you include a home corner in your setting to help support these skills. Activities which allow them to ‘act out’ simple routines that they see at home help them to understand their world and also give lots of opportunities to model a range of different vocabulary – washing up the dishes, making some dinner, loading the washing machine and sweeping the floor often really capture their interest. 

Children are becoming more interested in other children at this age, and although they may not play together, they are aware and interested in other children, will watch others, play alongside and copy what they see around them. Two year olds will initiate communication by asking for things they want and like, and will comment on what they see around them.   

Frustration is often common– as sharing is difficult at this age – and children are not yet fully able to understand or communicate

Communication and language skills are a prime are of development, and lay the foundations for many other skills. Have a look at our resources below to find out more about what to expect from 2 year olds and how to support their play, communication and language.

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